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Togetha 100 Luxury

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After five decades of continuous innovation, Getha proudly presents the TOGETHA 100 LUXURY. The series combines the best in technology and precious natural resources for a truly cleaner and healthier sleep solution. Certified by European test laboratories, the TOGETHA 100 LUXURY is certified against harmful chemicals, making it the best choice for a healthy night’s sleep.

The core essence of TOGETHA 100 LUXURY Natural Latex Mattress combines the ultimate in comfort and protection. This first class series combines the best materials – organic cotton, silk, wool with the best sleep technology for a protected hygienic environment. The TOGETHA 100 LUXURY is exquisitely manufactured to perfection with Getha’s signature 100% natural latex combined with European 100% natural latex to redefine sleep in total indulgence. The superbly supportive mattress delivers a healthy night’s sleep upon layers and layers of comfort.


Togetha 100 Luxury

Togetha 100 Luxury

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Go Green with GETHA

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