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Genetics 100 Natural Latex


Genetics 100 Natural Latex Logo


Inspired by traits of nature and specially designed as a luxurious mattress with comfort unequaled by any other, Getha’s new GENETICS 100 Natural Latex is a precious gift inherited from Mother Nature. Made with rich elements of creamy, clean 100% natural latex derived from one of earth’s best natural resources, provides you with total support to each and every body contour point, resulting in a peaceful, cool and comfortable sleep. In addition to exquisite detail and expert tailoring, Anti-Static protection and Nano Ag+ technology is introduced to create a natural sleep environment in the comfort of your home.

Genetics 100 Natural Latex

Genetics 100 Natural Latex


Genetics Fiber & Natural Latex Logo

FIRM FEEL & RELIEVE – The Indulgence Is Yours

Developed with both aesthetic and sleep-health functions in mind, the GENETICS Fibre & Natural Latex presents extra firm support that performs effective means of relaxing back muscles while providing the body with outstanding comfort and firm support. The perfect combination of nature’s resources of natural latex and rubberised fibre coir ensures long term care in proper weight distribution. The series does not only touch upon outstanding opportunities to cruise through your slumber in unprecedented luxury, it is also about creating a work of art that is special and lasting.

Genetics Fiber & Natural Latex

Genetics Fiber & Natural Latex


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4 IN 1 MULTI LAYER SUPPORT – In Complete Harmony With Nature…

A brilliant and innovative blend combining the best mattress making material – 100% natural latex with three additional plush comfortable sleep component layers, transforming it into a 4-in-1 sleep masterpiece. Getha’s GENETICS Four In One is a carefully constructed multi-layer system that promises a level of support and superior lasting comfort that is of an unbelievable investment. Enjoy a good night’s rest in a healthy environment.

Genetics Four In One

Genetics Four In One

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