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Classic Dream Kingdom

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After a long, hard day’s work,  your tired body  deserves nothing less than a Dream Kingdom Bed Set. Designed for only the ultimate comfort, this complete bed set is ergonomically longer, thicker, and higher than conventional beds.  Due to its increased elevation,  the Dream Kingdom Bed Set comes together with two bed stools for you to reach and indulge in a luxury sleep. This luxury is enjoyed by only the selected few.  A unique headboard luxuriously crafted with 24k gold plated studs adds a classy touch to this masterpiece.

Classic Dream Kingdom Close Up

Sleeping on the  Dream Kingdom  is the ultimate,  akin to floating on super soft clean clouds, beyond totally unimaginable comfort. Experience a top of the world luxurious comfort. Pamper yourself today with the Dream Kingdom Bed Set. Your body deserves only the best.

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