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Dream Kingdom Phantom Collection

The Dream Kingdom is the top of the line mattress, an exquisite statement piece for the bedroom. Made from the best materials sourced globally, nothing has been left to chance in the making of this masterpiece. Harmonizing ultimate comfort and perfectly balanced support, the towering Dream Kingdom is so sumptuous that it is akin to floating on super soft clean clouds. Available in Classic Comfort and Midnight Firm.

Thickness : 50cm/ 19.68"

Inquiries only.

Features of The Dream Kingdom collection:

  • Spanish Velour for plush comfort
  • Camel Down for excellent temperature and moisture regulation
  • French Wool for superior durable cushioning
  • Pure Silk for smooth cooling comfort
  • Gold accents for added luxury
  • Mastrotto Leather for added resilience
  • Meranti Wood for structural support
  • Featuring Getha 100% AO+ natural latex
  • Ultimate comfort with support
  • Fitting comfortably to the natural curves of the body for pressure relief
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting, and environmentally friendly
  • Reduced partner motion transfer
  • Electromagnetic Field Free

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Getha Greetings Mattress
Getha Greetings Mattress
Getha Greetings Mattress
Getha Greetings Mattress
Dream Kingdom Phantom Collection

Dream Kingdom Phantom Collection

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