Togetha Luxury 100


Togetha Luxury 100 is Getha’s best-selling flagship model, crafted from layers upon layers of meticulously selected 100% natural latex, the plush and supportive model is made with the best Pure Silk, French wool, Organic Cotton and equipped with Nano Silver anti-bacterial protection plus Anti-Static tension relief protection. The Togetha Luxury 100 is the perfect mattress for those who love a soft and lush feeling akin to sleeping on cloud. The pillow top design is specially made to enhance the luxurious comfort reduce partner motion transfer for a tranquil night’s rest.

Single size – 90 x 190cm RM8,199
SinglePlus size – 90 x 200cm RM8,199
Super Single size – 106 x 190cm RM9,499
Super SinglePlus size – 106 x 200cm RM9,499
Queen size – 150 x 190cm RM11,799
QueenPlus size – 150 x 200cm RM11,799
King size – 180 x 190cm RM14,199
KingPlus size – 180 x 200cm RM14,199

Features of Togetha Luxury 100 collection:
• Nano sized silver particles with continuous 24/7 protection for nonstop eliminating gems, bacteria and fungi
• Anti-Static protection discharges unwanted positive ions from the body, these excess ions causes static tension and stress
• Encourages an allergy free, better and more relaxed sleep environment
• Pure Silk for smooth temperature regulating comfort through the night
• French Wool for superior durable cushioning
• Temperature and moisture regulation for comfortable rest
• Assist in odour control
• Dual surface comfort with pillow top design
• Fully natural and fully 100% natural latex with antioxidant properties
• Featuring European made 100% natural latex
• Meticulously designed for excellent support and comfort
• Comfortable fitting for the natural curves of the human body to reduce pressure points
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting, and environmentally friendly
• EMF Free