Smart Robot Adjustable Bed Frame


The Smart Robot Adjustable Bed Frame is a product for individuals with limited mobility and requires assistance. This special bed frame is adjustable from a lay flat position and is able to fully adjust to a seated position to enable ease of getting in and out of bed. The sleeper can use the remote control to easily change to their desired position, whether it is to get into the laying down position or get out of bed. The reclining lifts the sleeper from the flat position and turns slowly to the left to come to a seated position for the individual to easily move from the bed. This bed frame is sturdy, solid and very heavy to ensure safety during use.

Single size – (W) 92cm x (L) 223cm RM10,999

Features of Smart Robot Adjustable Bed Frame:
• Functional adjustable frame
• From lay flat position to seated position
• Suitable for individuals with trouble getting in and out of bed
• Ground floor use only
• Mattress included
• Electric remote controller
• Easy to use
• Heavy duty hinge
• Stable and secure during recline
• Motor mechanic with 1 year warranty
• Electrical plug point required (UK 3 pin)