Round O Bed


Beautiful designer round shaped bed made from the precious gift of Mother Nature – 100% pure natural latex. Experience the fully natural flexibility of 100% natural latex that supports your body night after night. Wake up feeling refreshed from the Anti-Static tension relief protection and Nano Ag+ technology creates a clean sleep environment in the comfort of your home. The full set bed comes with a round shaped 100% natural latex mattress and highly supportive round wooden bed frame that comes in 3 detachable segments. Bed Frame available in purple or white.

Mattress only – 213 x 213cm RM9,529
Full set – 270 x 247 x 88cm RM14,829

Features of Round O Bed collection:
• Specially integrated nano sized silver particles for germ protection
• 24 hour active protection
• Anti-Static protection reduces static tension and stress
• Sleep comfortably to assist your nightly sleep cycle
• Helps reduce unpleasant odour
• Fully natural
• Fully supported by Getha 100% antioxidant+ natural latex
• Flexible, durable and supportive
• Comfortable fit to the natural contours of the body for pressure relief
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting, and environmentally friendly
• EMF Free