Playpen Foldable Floor Mat


The Playpen Portable and Foldable Floor Mat is made from 100% Natural Latex and is perfect for babies to lay, toss and turn during play time or tummy time. Made from clean and superior quality materials, the latex pad is breathable and non-toxic with no off-gassing health concerns. Easily portable, the foldable mat can be added to a playpen or brought along to your friend’s and family’s home and to daycare. It is a great foundation for babies, toddlers or even adults.

104 x 71cm RM251.10

Features of Playpen Foldable Floor Mat:
• Breathable 100% natural latex
• Promotes extra cushioning comfort
• Helps support pressure point relief
• Conveniently portable
• Recommended for baby play time or tummy time
• Can be added to playpen or day bed
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly
• Electromagnetic field and metal free
• Custom made-to-measure available