Intercontinental 228


The Intercontinental 228 consists of 9 distinct comfort and support zones across the mattress with the upper, middle and lower parts of the mattress each with a combination of soft, medium and firm zones to relieve your body of focused pressure points. Enjoy a safe and clean sleep environment with the specially developed Biocare anti-electromagnetic field protection and Nano Silver germ killing protection. Enjoy a medium support with the Intercontinental 228 while it relieves your daily stress by removing the tension causing ions with Anti-Static Protection.

Single size – 90 x 190cm RM5,399
SinglePlus size – 90 x 200cm RM5,399
Super Single size – 106 x 190cm RM6,199
Super SinglePlus size – 106 x 200cm RM6,199
Queen size – 150 x 190cm RM7,299
QueenPlus size – 150 x 200cm RM7,299
King size – 180 x 190cm RM8,799
KingPlus size – 180 x 200cm RM8,799

Features of Intercontinental 228 collection:
• 9 zone comfort support
• Protected with Biocare anti-EMF technology
• Nano sized silver protection assists in germ elimination
• Anti-Static protection to reduce tension built up
• Creates an environment more suitable for body’s natural regeneration process.
• Odor control assistance
• Getha 100% natural latex with Antioxidant plus+ for added flexibility
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting, helps pressure relief, environmentally friendly and reduced motion transfer
• electromagnetic field free