ICON luxury


Featuring the latest advancement in sleep technology, The ICON Luxury collection is equipped with Nano Silver antibacterial protection, Anti-Static tension relief protection and Bamboo Carbon Yarn that is an excellent moisture absorbent, promoting a clean, fresh and healthy sleep experience.

Single size – 90 x 190cm RM3,399
SinglePlus size – 90 x 200cm RM3,399
Super Single size – 106 x 190cm RM3,899
Super SinglePlus size – 106 x 200cm RM3,899
Queen size – 150 x 190cm RM5,099
QueenPlus size – 150 x 200cm RM5,099
King size – 180 x 190cm RM6,199
KingPlus size – 180 x 200cm RM6,199

Product Details

Product Spec

Available in Soft, Medium and Firm, the Collection is perfect for those who prefer a firmer support.

The Soft option is not too plush with the addition of rubberised coconut husk fibres, ideal for back and side sleepers.

The Medium has a firmer touch than the Soft, highly recommended for sleepers who likes a firm yet comforting cradle throughout the night and is a great option for couples who differ in comfort preference.

The Firm ICON Luxury selection is designed for individuals looking for a solid firmness with uncompromising support.

Features of ICON Luxury collection:
• Silver nanoparticles with 24 hours continuous protection, nonstop eliminating gems, bacteria and fungi
• Anti-Static protection removes unwanted positive ions from the body to reduce static tension and stress
• Promotes allergy free, better and more relaxed sleep
• Integrated Bamboo Carbon Yarn for moisture, odour and added ventilation
• Featuring Getha signature 100% antioxidant+ natural latex
• Excellent support and comfort
• Comfortable fit to the natural contours of the body for pressure relief
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting, and environmentally friendly
• Rubberised coconut husk fibre for added firmness
• Coconut husk fibres made through rubberised integration for extra cushioning comfort and non-toxic to health
• EMF Free

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