Genetics Topper


Made from flexible 100% natural latex to add extra comfort to your mattress, The Genetics Topper has antibacterial Nano Silver protection to keep your sleep clean and germ free. With added Anti-Static protection, take a restful night’s sleep while excess ions are discharged from the body to reduce tension and relief stress. A topper is a great add on to your mattress for more cushioning especially when you find your mattress too firm for your liking. Apart from the extra level of softness, it can act as a mattress protector to reduce body impressions on your mattress and delay general wear for your mattress to provide full support for longer. The topper is also great to use with babies as a floor play mat.

Single size – 90 x 190cm RM1,199
Super Single size – 106 x 190cm RM1,299
Queen size – 150 x 190cm RM1,499
King size – 180 x 190cm RM1,699

Features of GENETICS Topper:
• Silver nanoparticles for anti-germ bacterial protection
• Promotes better sleep with Anti-Static tension relief protection
• Promotes allergy free, natural and more relaxed sleep
• Helps joint and pressure point relief
• Fully 100% natural latex integrated with antioxidant properties
• Specially made for medium feeling for ultimate comfort and support to your body’s natural shape
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly and reduced motion transfer
• Electromagnetic field and metal free
• Custom made-to-measure available