Genetics Fiber And Natural Latex


The GENETICS Fibre & Natural Latex features Nano Silver antibacterial protection and Anti-Static tension relief protection to enhance your deep sleep. Let your body rest, repair and regenerate nightly on the firmest mattress among Getha’s mattress collection. When we sleep better, we wake up refreshed, alert and ready to start the day. With odour control White Bamboo Carbon yarn and cushioning temperature regulating German Wool, the GENETICS Fibre & Natural Latex is supportive firm feeling by 100% natural latex and naturally rubberised ribbed coconut husk fibre.

Single size – 90 x 190cm RM4,799
SinglePlus size – 90 x 200cm RM4,799
Super Single size – 106 x 190cm RM5,599
Super SinglePlus size – 106 x 200cm RM5,599
Queen size – 150 x 190cm RM6,699
QueenPlus size – 150 x 200cm RM6,699
King size – 180 x 190cm RM7,999
KingPlus size – 180 x 200cm RM7,999

Features of GENETICS Fibre & Natural Latex collection:
• Anti-germ effective elimination with Nano Silver antibacterial protection
• Anti-Static protection for tension relief that removes excess positive ions to reduce stress
• Promotes allergy free, natural and more relaxed sleep
• Sleep soundly with temperature regulating French Wool
• Specially woven White Bamboo Carbon Yarn to regulate moisture, odour and air flow
• Upgraded velvet finishing
• 100% Getha antioxidant natural latex
• Free of toxic and VOC free with rubberised coconut husk fibres for firm comfort
• Supportive firm feeling for ultimate comfort to the body’s natural curves
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, durable, long lasting, helps pressure relief, environmentally friendly and reduced motion transfer
• electromagnetic field free with no metal components