Beauty Latex Pillow

RM299.00 RM199.00

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex Beauty Pillow is a functional pillow inspired to achieve true beauty sleep, suitable for all age group and different sleeping positions. It is a perfect pillow choice for those who are looking for a hydrating and soft pillow. The pillow combines uses the innovative Milk Technology, featuring a soft and plush milk protein fibre cover containing 17 types of amino acid to hydrate your skin during sleep. The smooth fibre cover also reduces wrinkle and smoothen the skin by decreasing friction when rubbing against the pillow surface. The pillow is also made from fine quality natural latex that is natively allergen, dust mite, fungal, bacteria and chemical-free. This ensures a safe and hygienic sleeping surface for the delicate skin. Everyone deserves to wake up from a beauty sleep with radiant and moist skin after a tiring day.

62 x 37cm RM199

Features of Beauty Latex Pillow:
• Recommended for all age group and sleeping position
• Ultra-plush with a soft density and lower height
• Superb support on the head and neck
• Healthy spinal alignment during sleep
• Lessen back pain and neck stiffness
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dustmite and antibacterial
• Excellent ventilation for body heat, moisture and odour regulation
• Environmentally friendly, free of chemical and harmful substances
• Outstanding support and comfort
• Made of Getha 100% natural latex

Recommended to compliment with 100% high-quality cotton, soft to touch and breathable pillowcase.