Baby Latex Bolster Body Pillow


The GETHA Baby 100% Natural Latex Bolster is a perfect body pillow that is recommended for newborns and children up to 1 year old, who like to grab or snuggle unto to something at all time. It can be used as a toy or comforting pillow for babies and children to have a comfortable and relaxing sleep. The Baby Latex Bolster is soft and cuddly, promoting a sense of security and peace for children as they sleep at night. It can also be used as a bumper inside the baby cot to prevent the baby from rolling around. The Baby Latex Bolster is the best companion for babies to sleep with.

39 x 10cm RM89.10

Features of Baby Latex Bolster:
• Recommended for newborn to 4 years old children
• Can be used as a toy to snuggle or a comforting pillow to sleep with
• Promotes a sense of security and peace during sleep
• Provides protection as a bumper to prevent baby from rolling
• Durable and long-lasting
• Excellent natural ventilation to prevent overheating
• Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, and environmentally friendly
• Excellent support and comfort
• Featuring Getha signature 100% natural latex