Baby Dimple Latex Pillow


The GETHA Baby 100% Natural Latex Dimple Pillow is an ergonomically designed pillow to perfectly fit a baby’s head, recommended for newborns to 6 months old babies. The pillow features an ingenious head pocket to reduce pressure on the baby’s fragile skull and prevents flat head syndrome. It is suitable for babies who have a slight flat spot on the head as the pillow can help to shape the baby’s round head naturally, as long as the baby’s head is not severely flattened. The Baby Dimple Latex Pillow provides ultimate support for the head, neck and shoulders of the baby and reduces the risk of suffocating. The Baby Dimple Latex Pillow is truly a natural, comfortable and healthy choice for your baby to sleep on nightly!

21 x 30cm RM80.10

Features of Baby Latex Dimple Pillow:
• Recommended for newborn to 6 months old
• Features head pocket to reduce pressure on the skull and prevent flat head syndrome
• Suitable for babies with a slight flat spot on head
• Helps to shape baby’s round head naturally
• Lessens pressure on head, neck and shoulder to reduce risk of suffocating
• Features pin holes for excellent air, moisture and odour ventilation
• Naturally hypoallergenic, germ-resistant and anti-dust mites
• Toxic-free, biodegradable and sustainable
• Excellent support and comfort
• Made of Getha signature 100% natural latex