Baby Air Latex Pillow


The GETHA Baby 100% Natural Latex Air Pillow is an ideal first pillow that is soft yet supportive of baby’s delicate head, recommended for newborn to 6 months old baby. Wrapped in stretchable knitted fabric, the pillow allows efficient moisture absorption and air ventilation for a more breathable and comfortable sleeping environment for the baby. Even when the baby is sweating or drooling, the moisture is absorbed efficiently to keep the baby fresh and dry while resting. This ensures a clean, cooling and refreshing sleeping environment for the baby every night!

33.5 x 22cm RM89.10

Features of Baby Air Latex Pillow:
• Recommended for newborns to 6 months old
• Soft and supportive of baby’s delicate head
• Stretchable knitted fabric for efficient moisture absorption and air ventilation
• Keeps baby dry and fresh while resting
• Promotes clean, cooling and refreshing sleep
• Resistant to allergens, bacteria, virus, dust mites and fungi
• Free of chemicals and harmful substances
• Excellent support and comfort
• Fully natural with 100% natural latex and environmentally friendly\

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