Baby 3D Latex Pillow


The GETHA 100% Natural Latex 3D Pillow is a soft pillow specially designed to support the weak neck and shoulder muscles in growing babies, recommended for babies aged 6 months and above. With a moderate loft and an attentive curved design, the pillow fits the natural curves of the baby’s shoulder and reduces pressure on the neck, ensuring comfort and care during baby’s rest. At the same time, the pillow is supportive and protective of the baby’s soft head. For good night sleep, the Baby 3D Latex Pillow is a remarkably comfortable pillow for babies.

23 x 31 / 27cm RM80.10

Features of Baby Latex 3D Pillow:
• Recommended for age 6 months and above
• Can be used by young babies for tummy time
• Soft density with moderate height
• Supports weak neck and shoulder muscles in growing babies
• Attentive curved design to fit baby’s natural curves of shoulder to reduce pressure on the neck
• Supportive and protective of baby’s soft head
• High breathability that reduces body moisture and heat trapped in the pillow
• Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, dust mite resistant and fungus proof
• Excellent support and comfort
• Uses 100% natural latex