Aroma Latex Pillow

RM259.00 RM233.10

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex is a classic, soft pillow that is suitable for all age group, ideal for smaller individuals and back sleepers. It is perfect for individuals who are looking for a plush and comfortable pillow to rest on after a long day. The pillow naturally conforms to your body contour while providing anatomical support to your head, neck, shoulder and spine to alleviate pain and pressure points in these areas. Made from highly durable natural latex, the pillow retains its shape and perform for years without becoming flat, promising a long-lasting comfort and support as you sleep soundly every night!

58 x 34cm RM233.10

Features of Aroma Latex Pillow:
• Recommended for back sleepers and smaller individuals, suitable for all age group
• A classic, soft and plushy pillow
• Conforms to natural body contour for anatomical support
• Alleviates pain and pressure points in the head, neck, shoulder and spine
• Highly durable natural latex and maintain its shape for a long period
• Naturally dust mite, allergen, bacteria and fungus proof
• Chemical free and biodegradable
• Outstanding support and comfort
• Made of 100% natural latex

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