3D Junior Pillow


The GETHA 100% Natural Latex 3D Junior Pillow is a soft and fluffy pillow recommended for 2 to 6 years old children. Featuring two different sleeping heights on each end, the pillow is suitable for both back and side sleeping positions. Children can also flip it around to relax on the flat surface, offering versatility for different sleep preferences! The 3D Junior Latex Pillow also features a contour shape that provides adequate elevation and enhanced support on the child’s neck and shoulder. This reduces the strain on children’s neck and shoulders, allowing them to relax and sleep comfortably.

48 x 37cm RM125.10

Features of 3D Junior Latex Pillow:
• Recommended for 2 to 6 years old
• Soft and fluffy
• Two different sleeping heights on each end and a flat surface on the flipside
• Suitable for back and side sleeping positions
• Versatility for different sleeping preferences
• Features contour shape for elevation and enhanced support on the neck and shoulder
• Reduce strains on neck and shoulders
• Natural ventilation system for moisture, odour and heat dissipation
• Hypoallergenic and has natural antimicrobial resistance
• Biodegradable and sustainable
• Durable and lasting comfort and support
• Featuring Getha signature 100% natural latex

For a firmer or flatter pillow, you may consider Smart Kid’s Latex Pillow.