2 Zone Latex Pillow

RM289.00 RM260.10

The GETHA 100% Natural Latex 2 Zone Pillow is a versatile, functional pillow that is suitable for adults and teenagers with different sleeping preferences and looking for a medium-firm pillow. Featuring an exclusive design of dual height option, the pillow has two different lofts on each end, offering adjustability according to the individual’s sleeping style. Back sleepers can choose to sleep on the lower loft while side sleepers may enjoy the higher loft for extra support, providing a contoured fit to the natural curves of neck and shoulder for both types of sleeping positions. Choosing a suitably lofted pillow can drastically lessen pain and pressure on the head, neck and shoulders while promoting a healthy spinal alignment during sleep, ensuring a relaxed sleep throughout the night.

60 x 35cm RM260.10

Features of 2 Zone Latex Pillow:
• Recommended for adults and teenagers with different sleeping styles
• Medium-firm with dual height option
• Higher loft is suitable for side sleepers, the lower loft is suitable for back sleepers
• Lessens pain and pressure on the head, neck and shoulders
• Promotes healthy spinal alignment during sleep
• Contoured fit to natural curves of neck and shoulders
• Naturally hypoallergenic, resistant of bacteria, fungi, virus and dust mite
• Pin-hole design ventilation for body heat, moisture and odour regulation
• Environmentally friendly, free of chemical and harmful substances
• Highly elastic and long-lasting
• Made of Getha 100% natural latex

For side sleepers who prefer a higher and bigger pillow, you may consider the Contour Latex Pillow. For a softer pillow, you may look at Soft Latex Pillow or Aroma Latex Pillow.