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Compass Gold 100 Mattress


Getha Compass Gold 100 mattress is the finest multilayer 100% Natural Latex mattress. It is designed with the highest level of comfort in mind, using materials with extra firm support and Biocare technology to protect your sleep.

The unique multilayer latex combination is created through 7 layers of premium latex. Japanese firm latex is the key material that is designed to emulate the traditional Japanese Tatami. The ultra luxurious mattress is covered by wild silk to absorb moisture to give the best sleeping experience.

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Free Gifts:
- Single & Super Single Size Mattress: Free 2x pillows
- Queen & King Size Mattress: Free 4x pillows & 1x Getha Fine Silk Biocare Duvet worth up to RM2,888. (Duvet cover not included)

Free Pillow Selection: 
- Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow
- Getha 2 Zones Latex Pillow
- Getha Award S Latex Pillow
- Getha 3D Auto Latex Pillow 

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Thickness : 33cm/ 12.99"
Density: Firm Plush

Features of Compass Gold 100 Mattress:

  • Biocare (EMF FREE) Technology
  • Anti-Static Protection, your Deep Sleep Solution
  • Nano Silver, Anti bacteria and Anti Virus
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite
  • Multilayer 100% Natural latex
  • Japanese Wild Tussah Silk
  • Luxurious Satin fabric
  • ECO-certified by German Laboratory, Non-toxic to health

Read more on how to reduce radiation in your bedroom.

Reduce EMF Radiation in Your Bedroom

Addition Information


EMF (Electromagnetic Field) is present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. Especially in today’s modern lifestyle where we are constantly surrounded by electrical gadgets and devices, we inevitably expose ourselves to EMF radiation. This can lead to many health problems and become a threat to our immune system. Therefore it is important to take precaution against EMF radiation. 



Getha’s exclusive revolutionary Biocare brings to you a magnetic barrier with nano technologic yarns against EMF radiation for a healthier sleep quality. Apart from this, Getha Biocare can also reduce static electricity that causes tension and stress. Moreover, it helps to regulate our body’s natural bio-rhythm. It is important as we are especially vulnerable to EMF radiation during our sleep.

Compass Gold 100 Mattress

Compass Gold 100 Mattress

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