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Dream Kingdom PhantomClassic Dream Kingdom


Each stroking line and curve of the Dream Kingdom’s sketch was drawn with attentive consideration to ignite your senses. Inspired by the interpretation of a Modern Emperor, it has been designed so that when you lie down on the Dream Kingdom and close your eyes, you will be able to visualise yourself relaxing on the lavish bed of a King.

The Dream Kingdom is created by craftsmanship that requires time and skills that are beyond the norm. The Dream Kingdom takes up to 14 days to construct and requires intensive workmanship to complete.

No machine can outdo the high performance dedication, passion and commitment our master craftsmen have put into building the Dream Kingdom.

Dream Kingdom Phantom Logo

Dream Kingdom Phantom Close Up


As you spend a third of your life sleeping, the quality of your bed dictates the quality of your sleep and, by extension, that of your waking hours.

Made to measure for the elite, nothing has been left to chance in the making of this dreamy mattress. Harmonizing ultimate comfort and perfectly balanced support, the Dream Kingdom is the stuff of dreams. Sleeping on the Dream Kingdom is so sumptuous that it is akin to floating on super soft clean clouds.

Classic Dream Kingdom Logo

Classic Dream Kingdom Close Up

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